Diagnostic Technology

At Simply Orthodontics, we use the latest diagnostic technology to plan your orthodontic treatment.

We will take diagnostic records prior to commencing your orthodontic treatment in order to ensure you are receiving the best possible orthodontic treatment. These records consist of:

  • Digital photographs
  • Digital x-rays
  • Non-invasive digital 3D scan of your mouth

Digital records are the best way to plan your treatment and check your progress during treatment. It allows your records to be viewed from any of the Simply Orthodontic locations at any time. The digital technology also allows us a quick and easy way to communicate with your general dentist or other dental specialists to ensure you receive the best treatment possible.

Simply Orthodontics is home to the unique Cadent iTero digital mouth scanner. In fact, we are the first orthodontic practice in Victoria to use the iTero scanner routinely for all diagnostic records. An in-house three dimensional scan of your mouth is created and can be manipulated to view all aspects of your bite, thereby enhancing the diagnostic process.

Additionally, the iTero scanner is used for all Invisalign treatment scans, dramatically reducing the standard wait time on Clincheck returns as well as delivery of your aligners.

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