It Is Never Too Late To Get Your Dream Smile

Want to know more about the benefits of adult braces?

Crooked Smiles

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 15 or 50, crooked teeth can detract from appearance. Even if you’ve been living with a less than perfect smile for decades, that doesn’t mean can can’t do something about it now. Increasingly, adults are choosing braces to achieve a new look. Adult braces before and after pictures are all over the internet, showing just how dramatic effect braces can have later in life.

There are a range of orthodontic treatments designed to create straight teeth and a radiant smile so let’s look at some of the available options:

A Tradition of Straightness

Over the years, metal braces have been the cheapest and the most common. These orthodontic devices are fixed to the front of the teeth using brackets. Adults will usually have to wear braces for somewhere in the region of 18 months to 3 years before they see the adult braces before and after effects. Compared to some other treatments, this process is relatively short and extremely effective. A Combined Victory

A more recent development in orthodontics has been the introduction of the Invisalign treatment. These clear teeth aligners are custom-made and designed to gradually move your teeth into a straighter, happier smile.  There are no issues with oral hygiene or foods to avoid as the clear aligners are removed during meals and brushing.

A Clear Winner

Understandably, some people want the adult braces benefits without having to wear noticeable metal braces for several years. Clear ceramic braces are one of the most popular alternatives, offering all the benefits of metal braces without the embarrassment of wearing something so noticeable. The brackets that attach the wires to the teeth are made of clear ceramic, making them much less obtrusive than the traditional type of brace, while offering the same benefits. The only drawback is that certain foods can cause discolouration but, as the ligatures and brackets are changed frequently, this isn’t too much of a problem.

A Cheeky Challenger

Another alternative are lingual braces which are secured to the back of the teeth as opposed to the front. This is beneficial in terms of appearances but can cause discomfort as the wires or brackets press against the tongue. Another disadvantage is that it can be difficult to adapt to lingual braces in terms of both talking and oral hygiene, especially in the first few weeks.

Putting a Smile on your Face

Regardless of your age, it’s never too late to get the perfect smile. The type of treatment you choose may vary but what you shouldn’t compromise on is the experience and professionalism of your orthodontist. All the procedures listed above are purely tools in the hands of your orthodontist, so you want the best and most qualified person available to wield those tools. If you are considering having your teeth straightened and want more information about the options available, get in touch with the experts at Simply Orthodontics who’ll make sure you get the right treatment to put a permanent smile on your face.

Frequently Asked Questions

What options are available for straightening teeth as an adult?

It’s never too late to tackle those crooked teeth that get in the way of a perfect smile. Traditional braces are still one of the most effective options for straightening teeth in adults but there are an increasing number of alternatives available.

Invisalign is a relatively new treatment option that gradually realigns the teeth, while clear ceramic and lingual braces are more noticeable than the traditional metal braces we are familiar with.

How effective are adult braces?

Adult braces have a great track record and, even if you think you’re past it, you’d be amazed what an experienced orthodontist can do for you. Although metal braces are the most noticeable, they’re also one of the quickest ways of getting your teeth into line. These days, they’re much more unobtrusive in the past and use heat activation to speed up the correction process.

Do I have to wear metal braces?

If you really hate the thought of having metal in your mouth, there are alternatives out there. Clear ceramic braces do the same job as traditional metal ones but, instead of having metal brackets on your teeth, you’ll have ones that are either clear or match your tooth colour, making them far less noticeable. While the wires are still silver, the overall effect is less conspicuous.

What are the alternatives to traditional braces?

In addition to the aforementioned ceramic braces, you could also opt for lingual braces, which are fixed to the back of your teeth, making them virtually invisible. These can be uncomfortable, however, with the wires pressing against your tongue. Invisalign is another alternative which uses invisible, removable aligners to gradually shift your teeth into place.
These are replaced fortnightly until the desire effect is complete.

Why choose adult braces?

Not only can adult braces brighten your smile, they’ll also help to ensure the integrity of your teeth into your maturity. Correcting teeth issues can also alleviate neck pain and headaches relating to an uneven jaw.

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