Invisalign™ Teen

Invisalign Teen™ incorporates a few different features in order to facilitate treatment for teenagers. While the same technologies as Invisalign™ are used, Invisalign™ Teen aligners are suited to the growing and more active teenager who may be in varying stages of dental development. Special features include a visible blue compliance indicator and allowances for erupting teeth.


  1. Your Virtual Teeth

    No impressions are required as we use an iTero intraoral scanner to take a series of images of your teeth forming a computer-generated virtual image of your teeth and bite. This ensures maximum accuracy of your Invisalign™ aligner.  Once your Clincheck is reviewed and treatment plan designed by your Orthodontist, your aligners will be custom fabricated at the Invisalign™ laboratories in USA.

  2. Fitting Appointment

    The fitting appointment consists of the placement of any tooth coloured attachments which are usually required to facilitate the movement of certain teeth, and the fitting of the aligners themselves. Wear instructions for your aligners will also be detailed at this time. An oral hygiene care session concludes the appointment and you will be shown how to insert and remove your new aligners as well as how to take care of them.

  3. Aligner checks

    Aligner checks with Invisalign™ treatment are straightforward, however, at certain times of your treatment, longer appointments may be required to complete adjustments set out by the treatment plan.

  4. Deband Appointment

    Upon completion of your aligner treatment, any attachments will be cleaned and polished off your teeth by our Hygienists and a set of retainers made for you.

  5. Retainers and Retention

    Your retainers retain your new tooth positions and wearing them is paramount to maintaining your new smile. Relapse can occur if retainers are not worn and its severity can present in varying degrees. Further retainer check appointments are included in your initial treatment fee and Dr Jonathan Skilton and Dr Jason Yap are always happy to provide additional retainer.

What are attachments?

Invisalign attachments are small tooth-coloured “bumps” which are attached to certain teeth to increase the predictability of the tooth movements with the aligners. Almost all InvisalignTM treatments require these attachments to provide a good result.

Will I still need braces after InvisalignTM treatment?

Invisalign treatment is usually recommended to patients instead of braces treatment. Therefore placement of braces would be unusual after Invisalign treatment. However, in some cases where difficult tooth movements are required, braces may be recommended to finalise the bite or correct the positions of certain teeth. At Simply Orthodontics, if braces are required for a short time at the end of the Invisalign treatment, there are no extra costs.


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