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If you’ve just got braces, the following information is essential for you and the care of your new braces! We understand you’re probably still getting used to the feeling of your new ‘grills’, which means you need to be careful with what you’re eating and how you’re eating it. Nobody enjoys a prolonged treatment time due to broken brackets, so we’ve compiled a list of foods to avoid during your treatment.

Foods to avoid with braces
To best care for your braces, it’s best to avoid foods which will affect the outcome of your braces in the long run. Certain food groups such as hard foods, sticky foods, crunchy foods, acidic foods and sugar-loaded foods can have a negative effect on the final result of your braces treatment.

Hard & crunchy foods
Your braces are fitted with a special glue, but unfortunately it just can’t compete with the hardness and stickiness of some which can cause brackets to snap and break off. Consequently, your treatment will be prolonged and we will have to re-fit the brackets, which costs time and money. It’s best to avoid chomping down on chips, carrots, nuts, shapes, chicken wings, ribs, celery, and apples. If you wish to eat these foods, please cut them into bite sized pieces first, and be sure to clean your teeth properly afterwards.

Black listed foods
The main culprits for broken brackets are lollies and chocolates. Beyond broken brackets, foods with high acidity and sugar levels can also cause staining and decay on your teeth. Please avoid soft drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks as they’re full of acid and sugar, and put simply, they’re just bad news for teeth in general. If you do happen to consume such products and you can’t brush your teeth, it’s highly recommended that you rinse your mouth out with water to help neutralise the acids.

Eat me!
When you’ve first had your braces fitted, it’s best to stick with softer foods like eggs, rice, pasta, yoghurt, and smoothies, as your teeth can be a bit tender and it takes time to get used to eating with braces. We only want the very best for you and your braces treatment, so if you have any questions about your braces please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are you considering braces?
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