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Lingual Braces allow you to have orthodontic treatment without anyone ever knowing you are wearing braces. As the name suggests, Lingual Braces are placed behind your teeth (the tongue side), making them completely invisible to other people. It’s like straightening your teeth from the inside out!

Simply Orthodontics offers Incognito™ Lingual Braces for patients who want their teeth straightened without the obvious appearance of braces. The profile of these Lingual Braces is minimal with no sharp edges, meaning that the tongue rapidly adapts to the braces. There is also no rubbing of the lips and cheeks as with conventional braces.

Most Lingual Braces patients experience very little discomfort and interference with speech after a short period of adjustment.  Incognito™ Lingual Braces are made from a nickel-free gold alloy and are fully customised, meaning that the braces are individually designed and fabricated to fit on your teeth only. The length and shape of the orthodontic wires are also customised to fit the inner aspect of your jaws to maximise efficiency and patient comfort!


  1. Your Virtual Teeth

    An iTero intraoral scanner is used to take a series of images of your teeth forming a computer-generated virtual image of your teeth and bite. This ensures maximum accuracy and customisation of your Lingual Braces.  An orthodontic treatment plan is then created by Dr Jonathan Skilton and Dr Jason Yap

  2. Fitting Appointment

    Once your Lingual Braces are fabricated, it’s time for them to be fitted. It is recommended that a scale and clean be carried out by your general dental team before your Fitting appointment. Your Incognito™ Lingual Braces are placed simultaneously using special customised bonding trays. The appointment concludes with an oral hygiene care session, going through the ins and outs of caring for your new braces.

  3. Braces-check Appointments

    Every 6-8 weeks patients return to the practice for their braces-check appointments. At these appointments, adjustments may be made to your braces and your progress will be discussed.

  4. Deband Appointment

    Removal of your Lingual Braces is a very simple process. A special Incognito™ debonding tool is used to remove the braces and the bonding resin is removed as we clean the inner aspect of your teeth. A set of impressions are then taken for the fabrication of your new retainers. As your retainers are made by our clinical staff, they will be ready for collection on the day itself.

  5. Retainers and Retention

    Your retainers retain your new tooth positions and wearing them is paramount to maintaining your new smile. Relapse can occur if retainers are not worn and its severity can present in varying degrees. Further retainer check appointments are included in your initial treatment fee and Dr Jonathan Skilton and Dr Jason Yap are always happy to provide additional retainer checks if required.

What are Lingual Braces?

The term “lingual” refers to the inside (tongue or palate) surface of the tooth. Lingual Braces are customised to fit the inside surface of your teeth, which is different from traditional braces which are fixed to the outside (lip and cheek side) of the teeth. With the braces positioned on the inner surface, it makes them practically invisible and provides cosmetic orthodontic treatment without the distraction of typical braces.

Does lingual treatment take longer?

As the brackets and wires are individually customised for your teeth and jaws, orthodontic treatment with Lingual Braces is often similar in duration to conventional braces treatment.

There are several factors that influence treatment duration, such as the difficulty of your case as well as your cooperation with wearing of the appliances. Dr Jonathan Skilton and Dr Jason Yap are experienced with Lingual Braces, being accredited Lingual Orthodontists and with a careful diagnosis and treatment plan of your case, treatment times are rarely longer than conventional treatment.

Are Lingual braces more expensive?

The shape and form of the Lingual Braces and wires are custom-made to fit your teeth and necessitate additional laboratory fees during their construction. Additionally, the orthodontist has to undergo further training and education in order to be an accredited Lingual Orthodontist. Patients who choose lingual braces perceive it to be very valuable and worth the cost because of the fact that no one knows they are wearing braces while their teeth are moving. It also removes the usual stigma of adult patients undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Why choose Lingual Braces?

Most patients choose Lingual Braces because they would like the most aesthetic option available.  If you are especially particular about the appearance of braces on your teeth and do not feel that wearing traditional braces suits you, lingual braces are an excellent choice.  If you present frequently to audiences or clients and want to maintain a professional image while getting a great smile, lingual braces may be ideal.

Are lingual braces comfortable?

In most cases, patients experience very little discomfort during treatment with lingual braces, as they have no sharp edges. Lingual braces are made from nickel-free gold alloy, and because they are fully customised for each individual patient, they fit perfectly. The length and shape of the orthodontic wires are also customised to maximise comfort. Lingual braces generally don’t interfere with speech once one has adjusted to the way that they feel in the mouth.

Who is suited to lingual braces?

Incognito lingual braces are a good option for patients who would like to straighten their teeth but don’t want to deal with the appearance of traditional metal braces. They are a popular choice with adult patients because they are so discreet.

How are lingual braces removed?

Lingual braces are removed in a very simple procedure. A special tool is used to remove the braces. The bonding resin is removed by cleaning the inner aspect of the teeth. Once the braces have been removed, a set of impressions will be taken so that a retainer can be made to fit your teeth. Your retainers will be made by our clinical staff, so they will be ready for collection on the same day.


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