Living With Invisalign

Invisalign in Melbourne

Simply Orthodontics in Melbourne offers the sought after Invisalign treatment for those who are deemed, suitable candidates. The Invisalign treatment is so popular due to the fact that it allows patients to straighten their teeth discreetly. It is not uncommon for patients, particularly adults, to be concerned about their appearance during the process of straightening their teeth.

While many people value a straighter smile, the process of getting there can often seem slightly off-putting. While braces can be worn by patients of any age, many adults are concerned about their professional appearance while wearing braces and as for teenagers, well, aren’t many teenagers just naturally concerned about their appearance in general?

This is where Invisalign comes in. This treatment is performed using clear aligners which apply pressure to the teeth by means of a clear tray that is placed over the teeth. Little by little, this tray will shift the teeth into the correct position. This kind of treatment seems like a fantastic solution for those who do not like the idea of braces. Often times, if a patient is deemed suitable for Invisalign and is given the option between Invisalign and traditional braces, Invisalign proves to be the method of choice time and again.

If your orthodontist has determined your candidacy for Invisalign, here is what your treatment will look like.

The initial steps

Before you are deemed suitable for Invisalign, you will need to schedule an appointment with our offices. It is recommended that you would have had a general dentistry check-up prior to this to ensure that you are in good oral health. You will also need to have some X-rays done of your teeth. You may have this done prior to the initial consultation, or this may be done during the consultation. Your orthodontist will discuss the treatment with you as well as provide you with a quote. Once you give us the go-ahead, your treatment will begin.

We will then scan your teeth with our digital tooth scanner, specially designed to work with Invisalign. This will assist us in designing your smile and give us an idea of what your end results will look like.

Getting used to Invisalign

Once we have taken the initial steps, you will need to make an appointment to have your aligners fitted – your life with Invisalign now begins!

Initially, your aligners will feel tight as your teeth will begin to move within the next 24 hours of having each aligner fitted. Due to the movement of your teeth, your mouth may feel a little tender, though this can be easily managed with some basic over-the-counter pain medication.

While your mouth is feeling tender, we suggest having some soft food during mealtimes. Scrambled eggs, smoothies, soup and pasta are all great options. This tenderness should subside after a few days.

On that note, you will be able to remove your appliance during mealtimes, however, it should go straight back in once you have finished eating.

In order for your Invisalign treatment to be successful and to run on time, you should aim to wear your aligners as much as possible – only removing them during meal times. Make sure to keep the container for your aligners handy during meal times so that when they are not in your mouth, you do not misplace them and they do not become damaged.

Becoming accustomed to the Invisalign treatment is easy and does not require a lot of adjustments with regards to your usual routine.

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