Taking your child to the orthodontist


Orthodontic treatment for kids

Many children nowadays are wearing braces or undergoing some type of orthodontic treatment. Many of us can agree that giving your child the gift of a beautiful, straight smile can be priceless, but when is the right time to make an appointment with the orthodontist to begin the journey? And how can you know if your child requires orthodontic treatment in any case?

The right time

Orthodontics can play a big role in young children’s appearance and health. In fact, it is recommended that an orthodontist examines a child’s teeth by the time they are 7 years old, even while baby teeth are still in the mouth. An orthodontist has a trained eye that will be able to spot any potential issues that may occur down the line, even if your child doesn’t have all their adult teeth yet.

By the age of 7, enough permanent teeth have emerged for your orthodontist to evaluate relationships developing between teeth, jaw and bite and make sure all will continue to develop as they should.

Oftentimes, your child’s dentist will refer you to take your child to visit an orthodontist as and when the time is right and if it is appropriate.

Your first trip to the orthodontist

Your first appointment will begin with a conversation about what your goals are for your child’s smile and what your child’s dentist may have suggested.

Next up, your child will have some X-rays performed.

In order to provide the best treatment plan, we need to see what we’re working with. This quick and painless X-ray will help us determine whether it is time for braces, and if so, the perfect course of treatment.

From here, we will discuss with you what the best solution and treatment plan would be for your child, the estimated costs as well as the best time for treatment to begin.

At Simply Orthodontics, we want to ensure that we can provide the best, and most effective treatment for your child and it all starts with a consultation. Book an appointment with us today and discover how we can help put your child on the path towards a beautiful, healthy smile.

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