Early Interceptive Treatment

Identifying that there may be a problem early on is very helpful as far as the growth and development of a patient’s teeth and jaws is concerned. Your child will have a mix of both baby and adult teeth which may be advantageous for potential orthodontic treatment. Dr Jonathan Skilton and Dr Jason Yap recommend that 8 years old is the best time for an orthodontic assessment if you are concerned about your child’s jaw and dental development. Every child is different, and for some, Early Interceptive Treatment is indicated.

Having seen its benefits, both Dr Jonathan Skilton and Dr Jason Yap are advocates of Early Interceptive Treatment, and will advise parents on the best time in which to commence treatment. If treatment is not yet ready to start, we will continue to review your child on a regular basis. These recall appointments are complimentary, but important to ensure the correct timing for orthodontic treatment in the future.


What are some examples of different Early Interceptive Treatments?

Treatments may include:

  • Correction of a crossbite
  • Airway management
  • Correction of an under bite
  • Correction of protruded teeth
  • Correction and resolution of thumb-sucking
  • Creating space for permanent teeth to erupt
  • Dental arch development

What are some of the benefits of Early Interceptive Treatment?

  • Early diagnosis and treatment may correct a malocclusion, preventing further significant treatment when the patient is older.
  • Early airway management may have a myriad of benefits, such as improved sleep, behaviour and concentration.
  • Early treatment may promote improved oral hygiene and dental health.
  • Treatment when a child is still developing may simplify any treatment required in the future.
  • Early treatment may also remove the need for the extractions of permanent teeth in the future.
  • Minor speech problems may also be resolved with Early Interceptive Treatment.
  • Habits, such as thumb-sucking or a tongue thrust may be corrected with early treatment.

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