10 ways straight teeth can improve your health

10 ways straight teeth can improve your health

Straight Teeth are Happy Teeth

Straight teeth are not only aesthetically pleasing but they can have a number of dental and overall health benefits as well. It is advised that you begin your teeth straightening treatment as soon as you notice the shifting or crowding of teeth to prevent unnecessary problems from developing.

Knowing how straight teeth can improve your health and life will give you the motivation to seek proper orthodontic treatment no matter what your age. Straightening your teeth will keep them healthy and keep you smiling more freely and with confidence.


Ways Straight Teeth Can Improve Your Health


1.    Improved oral hygiene

Crooked or crowded teeth provide more tiny spaces and places for plaque, tartar, and bacteria to hide. These spaces are hard to reach via conventional methods (your home brushing and flossing) allowing the plaque to harden into tartar and letting bacteria grow unchecked. This can all lead to tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, the premature loss of teeth, and other dental diseases and infections. Straightening your teeth allows for the easier removal of dirt and bacteria, effectively helping keep your teeth, gums, and mouth clean and healthy.

2.    A decreased risk for tooth loss

A mouth attacked by flourishing bacteria can cause tooth decay and gum disease which increases your risk for premature tooth loss. Tooth decay eats away at the healthy teeth causing cavities, and if left untreated, will eventually erode the tooth requiring a tooth extraction. Gum disease affects the gums and gum line and as it is eroded, the teeth begin loosening and eventually fall out. Keeping your teeth clean will help prevent disease and infection and this can be done most effectively with straight teeth.

3.    Less pain

Misaligned teeth can sometimes cause you to grind your teeth which can lead to headaches and/or facial pain. Additionally, teeth that have shifted too far out of position can cause constant pain in the mouth, face, head, and even neck.

4.    Decreases the risk of injury

Crooked teeth often jut out in places making it more susceptible to accidental chipping and breaking. It can also cause you to accidentally bite or irritate the soft tissues of your mouth such as your cheeks and lips. Straightening your teeth can help you avoid these accidents especially since the cuts can be uncomfortable and lead to infections.

5.    Improved function of the mouth

Crooked teeth can sometimes make simple everyday tasks such as biting and chewing difficult. You may experience pain or discomfort when eating and you may even develop minor speech impediments thanks to the misaligned teeth. Straightening your teeth can improve the overall function of your mouth.

6.    Better digestion

The first step in the entire digestion process is chewing your food. If you have crooked teeth which is interfering with your ability to bite and chew properly, your digestive processes may be compromised. Food needs to be chewed properly in order for it to be broken down effectively, and straighter teeth can help with this.

7.    More enjoyment

People with straighter teeth are more likely to enjoy their meals. They will be able to bite and chew properly without experiencing constant pain, allowing them the chance to savour and enjoy their foods.

8.    Improves sinus issues

Your sinuses and mouth are in close proximity to each other so any misalignment in your teeth or jaws can affect your sinuses. If you are experiencing difficulty breathing properly, the current structure of your mouth could be causing this and correcting the problem with right orthodontic treatment can help open up your air ways.

9.    Prevents/alleviates TMJ

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is caused by teeth grinding which erodes the muscles and tissue in the joint. It can lead to tenderness and pain in this joint (found between the ear and jaw). Crooked teeth or a misaligned bite can cause you to grind your teeth resulting in the development of TMJ disorder (or exacerbating it). Straightening your teeth can help you cease teeth grinding, allowing the joint to relax into a more appropriate position alleviating pain and tenderness.


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