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Modern metal braces as we know them today are the result of technological advancements in dental materials which allow for the fabrication of smaller brackets that are bonded onto the tooth surface.

At Simply Orthodontics, we use self-ligating Damon braces which are known around the world for their efficient treatment and great results. Because of the design of these brackets, appointment intervals may be increased without any effects on your treatment.

Coloured bands can also be placed around the metal braces to express your own creativity!


For those who prefer a more discreet approach to wearing braces, our cosmetic tooth-coloured braces are just the thing for you! At Simply Orthodontics, we utilise Damon Clear™ braces which are 100% ceramic and most importantly do not discolour. The brackets are very comfortable for patients to adjust to in the beginning of treatment. They are also self-ligating and work efficiently with the range of wires that we use, therefore streamlining treatment.

While treatments with clear aligners such as Invisalign™ or Spark™ have the benefit of being equally discreet, their use may not be recommended for certain orthodontic problems. Not only are our cosmetic braces cost-effective, but they are also suited to every patient.

Braces Process

Braces Process

1. Initial Consultation+

Your initial consultation is designed to allow you and your Orthodontist to have an informative yet informal discussion about your concerns and orthodontic needs. Your visual and radiographic records will provide invaluable information and together with a clinical assessment, will enable your Orthodontist to formulate a treatment plan that is customised to you and addresses all your concerns.

2. Fitting Appointment+

Your braces-fitting appointment, also known as the ‘Band Up’ appointment is one of two longer appointments of your treatment and is usually scheduled for the middle part of the day. It is a relaxing appointment and no anaesthesia is required for the braces to be fitted. An oral hygiene care session follows the band up procedure where you will be shown how to care for your teeth and new braces.

3. Braces-check Appointment+

Approximately every 6 to 8 weeks patients return to the practice for their braces-check appointments. At these appointments, adjustments may be made to your braces and wires and your progress will be discussed.

4. Deband Appointment+

The procedure for removing the braces, also known as the ‘deband’ appointment is a relatively quick and simple one. Once the braces are removed our hygienists will clean and polish the bonding resin off the tooth surfaces as well as insert a lower bonded retainer if required. A set of impressions is then taken to fabricate your new set of retainers, which are then sent off to our lab. As these appointments usually take place in the morning, your retainers will be ready for your fit appointment in the afternoon.

5. Retainers and Retention+

Your retainers retain your new teeth positions, and wearing them is paramount in maintaining your new smile. Relapse can occur if retainers are not worn correctly and its severity can present in varying degrees. Further retainer check appointments are included in your initial treatment fee and Dr Skilton and Dr Yap are always happy to provide additional retainer checks if required.

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