The importance of seeing your general dentist during your orthodontic treatment

The importance of seeing your general dentist during your orthodontic treatment

When undergoing orthodontic treatment it is imperative that patients continue to see their general dentist. Maintaining good oral health will ensure complication-free treatment.

Avoid complications with your new braces; ensure you’re having regular checkups with your dentist

We encourage all of our patients to maintain 6 monthly general dental checks and cleans to ensure that their teeth are well taken care of from a dental point of view. As a specialist orthodontic practice, we do not necessarily have the instruments and equipment to diagnose caries or restore teeth. However, our orthodontists and hygienists are very thorough in their examination and usually have a quick look around when we change your archwires, so if we happen to come across any dubious areas, we would inform you and ask you to attend your general dentist’s office to have it checked out.

Professional scale and cleans are also very important as a more thorough clean can be achieved. It helps maintain good gingival foundations too, as any inflammation in your gums can sometimes make your teeth and gums a bit more difficult to clean. A scale and clean concentrates on cleaning just below the gum line of your teeth and there is often better access for the clinician as you are reclined. In conjunction with good brushing and good flossing on your part, your teeth and gums should remain relatively healthy throughout your treatment.

Plaque buildup around the braces can affect the functioning of the self-ligating gates, and this in turn can affect your treatment time. Not to mention the possibility of decalcification of your tooth from acid wear due to the acids within plaque. Chronic exposure to plaque can also cause inflammation of the gum line and you may notice red, painful and swollen gums as well as bleeding gums. This can make it uncomfortable for you to brush and make things worse for you. It is important to note that gingivitis is reversible, and can also improve once the braces are removed, but continual efforts in cleaning your teeth and gums are important. Further progression of this inflammation can produce irreversible changes to the periodontium, which is the supporting structure of your teeth which may result in tooth loss!

As you can see, there is huge importance in maintaining a clean and healthy mouth during orthodontic treatment. If you have any queries about the general condition of your teeth and gums, why not make an appointment to see your general dentist today! Check out our article on Oral Hygiene with Braces too.

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